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10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

The geelwortelKurkuma turmeric, also known as turmeric, Curcuma or turmeric, is perhaps one of the most effective supplements on the planet. Many scientific studies have found a positive effect of turmeric on physical health, especially the brain. In this article we give the top 10 scientifically proven benefits of this herb yellow power …
1. bioactive substances have medicinal turmeric
Turmeric is the spice that gives our Indian curry its yellow color. But next trim food was used for centuries in India as a medicinal herb for treating minor cuts and abrasions.
Bioactive compounds in turmeric are largely responsible for its medicinal properties. Bioactive substances have a positive effect on cells and tissues, in turmeric This is particularly the substance curcumin.
In recent years, modern science has become increasingly interested in Read More >>
quinoaQuinoa; Who does not know it already ?! For a few years, this “super sperm ‘popular. So popular that the quinoa in my supermarket shelf was temporarily empty! After a light detective work revealed that suppliers could barely keep up with demand. Meanwhile, I see the costumes quinoa are back to the nines on the shelves; now even in black, red, tricolore and mixes with seeds and (unpolished) rice.
This article discusses the health benefits of this “Mother Grain” are discussed. How you prepare and what tastes good? All about ‘rice of the Incas’!


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